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Friday, April 23 | Habari Gani? | Ring of Light

Recognize that your light shines for others.

Chris Newfeld-Erdman


Sun in Taurus

Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo


Friday, April 23, 2021

Today is a good day. It's not the brightest or warmest day in Atlanta, but we're feeling cheery anyway, and it's because the Sun still shines brightly even when the clouds are temporarily blocking our view of it.

Today, we are feeling the need to connect, to be supported by loved ones and people we trust, and to be that helping hand for someone else. Each of us is but one cog in a giant machine. We may each be very important, but we simply cannot do anything without working together and doing so altruistically and harmoniously.

When all of us are operating at the top of our game, there is reward for everyone, so enjoy pushing yourself and others, but let go of competitiveness against others and the win vs. lose mentality that this Taurus energy might enhance.

There is important work to be done, family, and the time is now. We are each an important and needed part of the positive and exciting shift the world is experiencing right now, each contributing something totally different and wonderful. Spirit is highlighting how important it is that everyone is operating on all cylinders, mentally, physically, and in our spiritual connection so that we can shine as brightly as possible. I, for one, have held fear and resistance to fully healing for fear of what it might mean to shine too brightly. As of today, family, I am dropping that fear and flipping it on its head. I would like to shine as brightly as Spirit can get me to shine.

Recognize that your light shines for others. When we refuse to shine our light out of fear of greatness or others opinions, we are like a pineapple tree refusing to make pineapples. But when we shine, our light nurtures and illumines those around us. It only feels that your light is so bright because you are in a dark space. As more and more lights turn on around you, even as your light increases in brightness, it will no longer feel so stark. This is part of why we need as many of us as possible to be working together in harmony to be that ring of light.

As we collectively come to a place of increased harmony within our bodies, minds & spirits, this harmony extends to our peaceful relationships, which extends to peaceful households, peaceful communities, peaceful schools, peaceful police forces, and so forth. This is why Liveology is dedicated to uplifting people of color through yoga and other self-healing and wellness practices.

We are creating a space that has not existed before. Thank you to everyone who is seeing and sharing the vision. This is truly beyond words, and I am in wonder as I witness Liveology take on legs of her own.

We are excited to be growing into a monthly print magazine with a team of inspired contributors behind the first issue being released for June 2021. We are a black woman owned company, rooted in Ashtanga yoga, based in ATL, devoted to uplifting people of color. Tell a friend about what we're doing at Liveology today!

Love you, family!

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