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Some Asanas Practiced by Ancient Siddhis | Hatha Yoga Pradipika 1.17-21

Asanas are the first component of hatha yoga because they bring about steadiness, lightness of the body, and freedom from illness.

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Chapter I

I.17 Asanas are the first component of hatha yoga because they bring about steadiness, lightness of the body, and freedom from illness.

I.18 Here are some asanas practiced by ancient siddhis.

I.19 Svastikasana - Place the soles of the feet between the thighs and knees, sit balanced and straight.

I.20 Gomukasana - Place the right ankle next to the left buttock and the left ankle next to the right buttock. This resembles the face of a cow.

I.21 Virasana - Place one foot on the other thigh and the thigh on the other foot.

I.22 Kurmasana - Remain well poised while pressing the perineum with the ankles in the opposite direction.

I.23 Kukkutasana - Assuming Padmasana, place the hands between the thighs and knees. Place the hands firmly on the ground and lift up in the air.

I.24 Uttana Kurmasana - Assuming Kukkutasana, wind the arms around the neck and lie on the back like a tortoise.

I.25 Dhanurasana - Grab the big toes with the fingers, and keep one arm straight while drawing the other to the ear like a drawing a bow.

I.26 Matsyendrasana - Place the right foot at the base of the left thigh and the left foot outside the right knee, hold the feet with opposite hands and twist.

I.27 Matsyendrasana stimulates the digestive fire and is a weapon that destroys all disease within the body. With regular practice, it helps the kundalini to rise and brings steadiness to the chandra nectar in men.

I.28 Paschimatanasana - Stretch out both legs straight and hold the soles of the feet with the hands. Place the forehead on the knees.

I.29 Paschimatanasana is one of the most excellent asanas because it makes the breath flow through the shushumna, stimulates the digestive fire, slims the waist, and removes all diseases.

I.30 Mayurasana - Place the hands firmly on the ground facing the body with the elbows on either side of the navel and raise a body like a straight rod, the feet above the ground, level with the head.

I.31 Mayurasana cures all diseases such as enlargement of the glands, stomach disease, imbalanced doshas, helps the body to digest food eaten indiscriminately, and heats the digestive fire so it can even digest the strongest of poisons.

I.32 Savasana - Lay on the back on the ground like a corpse. Savasana provides rest and peace of mind.


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