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We began as a mobile yoga studio and love to teach movement, breathwork, and meditation in person to people of all ages and skill levels.


Renew the mind-body connection by moving the body in all directions, syncing breath to movement, and looking inward.


Yoga (or to yoke body mind and spirit, human and divine) is defined as the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Eliminate incessant thoughts. Find clarity of mind.

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Colourful Pile of Old Books
Read Full Spiritual Texts For Yourself

Spiritual texts from Eastern and Western Traditions. Read the Bible, Upanishads, Egyptian Texts, Quran, Yoga Sutras, Tao Te Ching, and more.

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Food & Nutrients

Find recipes and information on nutrients, fruits, vegetables, and animals. Also find dietary guidelines from various spiritual traditions.

History & Speeches

Historical letters, speeches, and formal documents. 


Learn about symbols used in cultures and traditions across the world.

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Music & Entertainment

Find the lyrics to your favorite songs and information about artists and entertainers.

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Natural World

Information about our beautiful world, space, natural elements, metals, stones, plants, animals, and more.