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Shift your Consciousness from Consumer to Creator

What can you offer to the world?

A follow up on my previous video "Break Free from Hive Mind. Who are you, Really?" which is about taking a break from all media to find out who you are and how you really feel about the world outside of all the chatter.

In this one, I'm talking about a shift in consciousness, from a consumer mindset of what we can get from others to a creator mindset of what we can organically create from the heart and share with the world.

0:00 Intro

2:13 Check out Part I: Break Free from Hive Mind

3:01 Obsession with Consumption

3:52 Focusing on Giving instead of Receiving

4:36 Create a Vacuum to find Creativity

7:24 What Do I Have to Share out of Love?

9:00 Creativity Comes from Peace and Happiness 10:00 Enjoy your Life in Real Life

11:23 The More you Give The More you Receive {Law of Cause & Effect}


Full Video Transcription

Peace family it is Christina, and today I wanted to follow up on my previous video about getting rid of all media so you can clear your mind with this one which is to shift our Consciousness from Consumer to Creator.

As always I want to share my love with all of you all with my wishes and prayers of more life, more love, more joy, more peace and prosperity for all of you guys and also to myself and to your families and to your communities. All of these videos are simply meant to just share some positivity, share some love with the world, and if I can uplift one person, 10 people, 100 a thousand, or a million, a billion, it doesn't matter. The intent is just to send some uplifting energy into the world and also to uplift myself.

I wanted to talk to you guys about shifting our mindset our consciousness from consumer to creator now all of us will always have to consume something, you're always going to have to buy something, but what I mean is shifting our Consciousness, our mindset from always having to consume, to take, to receive, to receive, to receive to think about what it is that we can organically create and give to the universe.

I'm talking about this as this is a shift that I have been actively making and focusing on as you see me making content every day, I make products and all things like that, and I have been actively working on shifting my consciousness in this way and so I wanted to talk about it. Hopefully this will be helpful for someone who is going into the space of content creation of maybe creating products of maybe being you know an artist or whatever it is that that's on your heart to share with the world and how do we shift our consciousness from being focusing on receiving to be focusing on giving.

If you haven't watched Part 1: Break Free from Hive Mind, check it out.

So I want to say first if you haven't watched my previous video, please go check that one out. I'm going to link it above so you can go ahead and click on that if you haven't watched that one yet, but that one's really about focusing on clearing our mind because we are bombarded with advertising news media is talking about this and that we're bombarded with music and all different things which try to shift our consciousness and make us think a certain way, make us do certain things.

Everything that we watch is trying to get you to either buy something or whatever it is, and it's this consumer culture at least in the United States and in a lot of the world which is trying to constantly get us to do something and buy something and especially in America and a lot of other developed countries. I also sell products, so I'm not hating on capitalism at all, but a lot of times we can be obsessed with consuming having more right we can compare ourselves to others in terms of "How much do you have versus how much do I have?" looking at the Joneses over there when life, I feel is really about our own internal journey.

Ask What You Can Give

And for me shifting the consciousness from what am I consuming to what am I creating also goes hand in hand with shifting my consciousness and shifting your consciousness family from being in a state of receiving to being in a state of giving. So if you think about the old phrase, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I think that that's a really important point though in terms of for me maturing and instead of thinking about what you didn't do this for me or you should do this for me or you know the government didn't do this for me or the government should do do this for me or you know a partner didn't do this for me or should do this for me I think for me as I've been evolving shifting my Consciousness in my thought process to instead of complaining what other people are are or are not doing, taking things more into my own hands, taking more agency in my life, and really considering, "How do I make change in this situation?" What can I actually do here, if anything?" And I think that's a really important point you know thinking about what not what am I receiving or what should I be receiving but what can I give?

Create a Vacuum. Then Fill It.

The more that you clear your head of all that mind chatter of the media, of the music, of all of that, and you can sit in this space, it can be boring. So let's say you really do turn off the television, you turn off YouTube, you don't listen to any music, and you're just sitting around like okay so what am I supposed to be doing? Well in the olden days, what did people do? They would go outside. They would maybe have a hobby. They would make miniatures or they would build little miniature houses, or they might go outside and work on their car. They might garden.

Use Time Alone to Find Yourself

I think the first thing is you know having getting rid of all media and music and all this excess stuff, even friends. Sometimes it's good to just spend time in isolation, just alone, and I'm not saying isolation is a bad thing. It can be awesome because if you just spend some time with yourself and you create that vacuum, create that vacuum where all that stuff is gone and now you have to sit with your thoughts and sit with yourself in that time. You might be bored. When I was a kid and I'd be like "Dad I'm bored!"

And he would say, Well only boring people are bored so maybe you should find something to do."

And it forced me as a child to be creative. I know a lot of kids would build a fort. I don't have anything to do let me push all this stuff together and build a fort and play a make believe or whatever. It forces you to be creative and it might force you to develop a hobby. I don't have anything to do, let me go get a plant. Let me monitor my plants I already have. Let me take my dog out for a walk you know I really always wanted to paint let me get a couple of paint brushes and a canvas and just spend maybe $15 on some paint, spend like $25 at the most on it and just play around and see what your creativity comes out. You might even start to sell your art. There might be something on your your heart that you've always wanted to do but it really requires creating that vacuum of space where you're not constantly feeding that dopamine, feeding, feeding, feeding. You're having to go hungry, and then when you're in that period of hunger if you think about fasting right like taking like a fast from media all that in that period of hunger is where the insight can come in and you're like,

"Oh wow I have all this hours of the day that I've been feeding with all this stuff. Huh, I could be using that for any number of things!"

What Can I Share with my Family & the World?

So I think it's shifting that mindset from what can I receive, always taking that dopamine hit - I need a hit, I need a hit, let me scroll, I need a hit, let me see what they're talking about. I need a hit, let me go argue with people on Twitter. Instead of doing that I think creating that space to find your own creativity and really thinking about what do I have to give? So outside of a hobby you know thinking about what is it that I know that I can share with the world? What is it that I have to offer to my family? For me it's baking. I might not have a lot to offer, but I can offer you some fresh bread and it's going to be great. Thinking through and sharing that love. It's amazing how when you give love you end up receiving so much more.

And so a lot of times with media and television and news and all of this it's like we're we're trying to fill a hole that really is a hole of needing just love and instead of finding that through organic things, we're kind of using this dopamine almost like an addiction, feeding it, feeding it, feeding it, but in this space of clarity you can think about what is it that I have to give? It could be giving to the world through YouTube, it could be to your family, it can be to your spouse you know, to your children

"Wow I have so much more time to really focus on those people who are really around me and to focus on those things that I actually love that give me life!"

You know sometimes we can watch the the media and it can be draining to your energy like draining to your Consciousness you're like "God there's so much going on in the world" you know and then you get angry and stressed and you're like "oh like this is a lot," and instead of focusing - this is the thing - a lot of times we're addicted almost to like negativity and addicted to stressful things and I can't tell you how peaceful it is when you're not constantly focusing on on negative things and on the news. You have a state of peace.

Creativity Comes from Peace & Joy

And creativity at the end of the day comes from a peaceful place. It comes from being calm internally and happy. It comes from just joy. So when people start making music and singing, you sing because you're happy! You sing because you have a song on your heart. People make art even if they're sad, it's a way of kind of being cathartic. Instead of being cathartic on Twitter arguing with people, be cathartic in a way that's positive and beautiful that transmutes that negative into positive or transforms something from one thing into something else right it's a mindset shift from what can I receive and what can I feed this dopamine to let me clear this out and let it be a vacuum and really allow myself my heart space to open so that I can hear my inner thoughts, hear my inner wisdom, hear what my heart is telling telling me and just enjoy my life in real life. I mean in real life, not the out there life, but I mean I'm enjoying my life in the small action of making bread, playing with dough, playing with my dog or my children, interacting with my husband or my partner right, and going from like I think this vapid place that's kind of mental to a place that's really more coming from the heart and is more grounded in reality, grounded in the present moment and is so much more powerful because it's tactile, it's it's real. It's real.


And so I think that's how we make that mindset shift of going from consumer to creator, going from what can I receive to what can I give, and what we're giving is something that's from the heart. You can only give it once you've really tapped into what your heart has to offer offer to the world. Once you filled that hole from organic things, then you have so much to give to the world. and so that's really all I have to say about that.

I'm going to keep making these videos as always I love you guys so much and you know we're always going to have to buy something you know but I think it's the mindset that says what can I give as opposed to what do I need to receive and in the law of cause and effect you know that the more you give the more you will naturally receive so as you turn more into a giver and a Creator you will actually receive more in return it's amazing so you all know I love you guys so much and I'm wishing you all the best as you change your mindset from consumer to Creator as I am and as always I will see you on the next one have a miracle build day

Love you guys,


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Peace & Pineapples!


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