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Has Feminism Been Good or Bad for Women, the Family & even for Men?

What's your take on this?

Has feminism been good for women, men, and the family? Touching on topics including entrepreneurship, living on our own terms, whether life is better for women in or out of the home, the cost of living, childcare during the early years, etc.

I don’t have the answers, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know in the comments.

Today’s dog walking outfit:

✨Full length tie dye skirt

✨Crop sweatshirt

✨Long zip hoodie


✨15 year old white leather chucks


Full Video Transcript

Okay peace family, this is Christina and little Buff Buff, and we are on our daily walk as always. Today, I wanted to ask you all the question: Has feminism been beneficial or harmful for women for the family and for men, since we're all in this together?

Obviously I'm going to give my thoughts, but I'm really interested in hearing what you all's perspective is on this so, before I get into the video wishing you all as always abundant life, love, joy, peace, and prosperity - not only to you but also to your loved ones and even to your enemies!

Before we get into the video, outfit check! Today I'm wearing my tie-dye skirt - it's like a little casual skirt, my favorite Chucks that are like I don't know at least 15 years old maybe 20 I think I've had them since College, and my little hoodie, and then second hoodie, and I have my pretty scarf today - you know I don't wear it every day, but some days I like to wear it. And so with that, let's get into the video.

I ask this as a modern woman. I was taught by my parents to believe in myself. I started the yoga business, yoga magazine, produce my own content, make products and sell them, so I'm definitely a woman who I feel has felt empowered to kind live my life on my own terms do what I want and try to make a business and be successful and all those good things.

And so I live in America, United States, and I feel like the laws really empower women to be free in a way that women in so many other countries don't have that opportunity, which is awesome to me. In America, I can choose if I want to dress modestly. I can choose if I want to wear other clothes. I've worn all different types of hair, makeup, clothes throughout my life, and I like the fact that I've been able to do that and have those choices and live on my own terms. And so as of today, obviously you see me dressing more modestly, and I'm enjoying that.

I also forgot to talk about my little crossbody! It's so convenient. It's a yoga mat bag, but I use it like my everyday bag, and it's like so deep like you'd be surprised how much you can actually fit into this thing. It fits a whole yoga mat, but as a handbag it's great. You can like actually go shopping with it, put a couple things.

Anyway, so celebrating that freedom of being able to just live your life on your own terms, and I think that's really awesome. But then, you know, as I get older, I think you kind of start to really understand like some of the natural rhythms of life, marriage, and children, and I'm starting to bake more and obviously you're seeing me dress more modestly, and I'm kind of embracing my femininity in a certain way, where I'm like, "I can do whatever I want, but I'm still a female, I can still give birth to life, I still have the instincts to bake, and I still have the instincts to do house kind of stuff."

And I think a lot of women, at least my friends I'm seeing, especially those of us who've been really independent - it's like we start out kind of strong willed woman right like "I can do anything I can do anything," and as you get older you're like, "I remember why they did some of those more traditional thing."

And it's not like anyone tells you that. It's organically over time, you're kind of like, "Ah, now I kind of get why women might traditionally bake and stuff," because if you're at home with the kids, that just instinctual - instinctive is that the word? Obviously anyone can bake. I'm just saying that it seems like as we get older we kind of end up falling into a lot of natural gender roles and it's not because anyone told us that. Especially as you get pregnant and start a family and things like that, things just kind of unfold that way over and over again, and it looks like maybe that we're being taught that way, but it's really just kind of our instincts coming out.

So I'm really curious to hear what you all think about feminism in particular and whether you think it's been good or bad for women.

Especially when it comes to like working outside of the home, women nowadays are expected to work outside the home, whereas before, women were really expected to just be mothers and it's interesting because you have freedom versus restriction.

Would you rather have the freedom to do what you want but you have to work every day, and maybe you might find a situation where you get married and you stay at home, or would you rather a situation where women have to stay home, have to cover up, and it may be an easier lifestyle - I'm sure stay at home moms might argue whether or not it's easier - but it might be an easier lifestyle, but would you rather it be enforced upon you?

And so it's kind of like battling this like element of free choice, free will versus like maybe traditional values. I'm not really sure. I'm just interested to see what you all think about this, because it's something that I've been really thinking as I get a little bit older and I feel like myself fall into more traditional things, and am seeking a partner that's like seeking more traditional things. I'm like, "Oh, now I kind of get this in a way that I felt like as a younger person I really didn't get it," and um maybe it's just supposed to be that way. Maybe when you're young you're supposed to just kind of be independent and free and as you get older you kind of like change. I'm not really sure tell me what you all think about this one.

I just wanted to add this last part, which is even about children. I don't know if you guys have followed like my journey, but there was a point where I started working in a daycare, teaching meditation to little kids, and I wonder even about raising children. Is it better - maybe not better or worse - but like if we had a society where we really could afford to live on one income like it used to be, maybe Society has just gotten so expensive that we have to have two people working. Is it possible to bring down the economy so it's not so essential that two people have to work?

I even think about like children and child care. Everyone sends their children to child care and they have another person taking care of their kids, and I just recently heard like a really wild horror story - I'm not even going to tell it because it was just wild about something that someone was doing to the babies at this daycare, and I just wonder about like how beneficial it is. Is it better to have the mother at home with the kid? Is it better to have the kid in the daycare? There's a lot to it, and I guess these are just topics that I'm actively considering as I think about my personal life and how I want my life to go and what I want to do with you know my husband and children and all that as I go in that direction I feel. And if it's possible to live on one income and how we can make it so that it's more affordable for people to really live - I wouldn't necessarily call it traditional lives, but like you know maybe more more connected to the family is what I mean. And again, not saying that we should force people to do anything. If people want to live non-traditional lives that's why I mean I don't like the word traditional, but for families who have children, to make it more accessible for them to really like be with their kids as opposed to having to work so much just to pay for basic things. And so I don't know.

Again, I don't have the answer to this you know I wish I did. I wish I had the answer and could talk confidently about what we should do, but that's not really what this is about. So if this was helpful or interesting to you, please make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more. I love your comments. I love to hear your feedback on my videos and what you all think I should talk about.

And as always, I love you guys and I will see you on the next one. Peace!

I hope you get a bottle of Afro Oil today!

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